Herbs & Botanicals for Postpartum

There are dozens of herbal supplements and remedies recommended to new mothers to help alleviate the long list of symptoms that come along with postpartum recovery. You can find something for everything - milk supply issues, sleeplessness, low energy, abdominal pain, constipation, postpartum mood and anxiety troubles, hormone shifts, hair loss, wound healing, postpartum weight loss, etc. The trouble with most supplements on the shelves is you never really know what you’re getting or how effective it may or may not be.

When we created New Mama, we used our training as Registered Dietitians, consulted with Registered Herbalists, Naturopathic Doctors, and IBCLCs to ensure we were including only the most researched, proven botanicals to provide the greatest benefit to postpartum mothers.  New Mama includes a proprietary blend of these effective botanicals in their purest forms to help combat the most trying symptoms of the 4th trimester and beyond. A basic prenatal vitamin definitely doesn’t offer that! Read on to learn more about the superstars in our Postpartum Proprietary Blend.

Curcumin - This is the active compound in turmeric, responsible for powerful anti-inflammatory actions that reduce pain and inflammation, and encourage healing and repair in the immediate postpartum period. Curcumin is shown to support mood balance and reduce postpartum depression as hormones level out in the year following birth. Research shows it works to boost immunity, reduce engorgement, and prevent mastitis. Some studies also show it may help milk come in sooner after birth and boost milk supply. 

Piperine - is a bioactive compound that works as an adaptogen with curcumin. Curcumin is normally poorly absorbed by our bodies. However, when it is consumed in combination with piperine, the amount of curcumin our bodies can absorb and utilize increases by up to 2,000 percent. Piperine also increases the bioavailability of many other nutrients by preventing or delaying metabolic breakdown and has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce headaches. If you are a super-taster and get a slight peppery aftertaste when you drink New Mama, that’s from piperine!

Moringa Olifera - Often touted as a superfood, research shows Moringa’s greatest benefit to mothers is it’s action as a galactagogue, supporting breast milk production in postpartum mothers. As such, it is linked to improved weight gain in babies. Best of all, it has no known side-effects. Moringa is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids (iron, potassium, calcium, Vitamin C, and protein, just to name a few!).

Red Raspberry Leaf - helps the uterus return to pre-pregnancy size and tone, and reduce postpartum bleeding, aches, and pains related to postpartum healing. Research also shows this botanical works to reduce postpartum depression. Anecdotal evidence shows it has been used for centuries for it’s benefits as a galactagogue to increase breast milk production. 

Lemonbalm - this nootropic herb, also known as Melissa Officinalis, acts on the brain to calm the nerves and relax the body. It promotes emotional balance, a sense of calmness, peace relaxation, and elevates mood. It is shown to reduce “baby blues”, anxiety, irritability and treats insomnia, enhancing sleep quality. Some evidence also shows it can help increase breast milk production.

Lavender - a widely known plant, acts on the nervous system when consumed to increase slow-wave sleep patterns, leading to improved sleep quality and reduced insomnia. It reduces pain and fatigue, elevates mood, promotes relaxation, and reduces anxiety and depression.

Camomile - this beneficial flower extract, in addition to reducing afterbirth pains and inflammation, helps with sleeplessness, calms nerves, reduces stress and anxiety, improves digestion, and reduces depressive symptoms. 

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By: Jeanne Reilly, Registered Dietitian, Mom, Co-Founder I Am Nurtured