Keep Your Immune System Strong

Our immune systems are always at work keeping us healthy, fighting off intruders, and destroying or limiting the amount of harm they do if they do get in (hello preschoolers and daycare germs)!

Rather than being dependent on specific nutrients, like the ever-popular Vitamin C & Zinc, your immune system is strongest when you focus on all-around balanced health. 

Try out some of the simple strategies below to keep your immune system humming all year round: 

  • Keep stress low and nerves calm - Stress takes a toll on our immune systems. Try meditation, mind-body scans, stretching, or regular breaks throughout the day to keep your cool. Easier said than done with a new baby or little ones running around, but taking time for yourself - even a few minutes a day - can make a world of difference in supporting your immune health.
  • Find ways to move every day - movement  improves circulation, helping the immune system to work more efficiently. Try online workouts, yoga, or good old fashioned walking. It doesn't have to be a high-intensity workout to have an impact. Put baby in the stroller or carrier and just move in a way that is comfortable for you and gets your heart pumping & blood flowing.
  • Sleep well - sleep is when our bodies recover and rebuild from the day’s stresses. Aim for 7+ hours a night. We know that's a pipe dream in the early months of motherhood, but aiming to squeeze in some naps throughout the day to add up to more total hours is beneficial too. 
  • Aim for a well-rounded diet - the more colorful whole foods in your diet, the better! All those phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals in colorful fruits and vegetables and whole nutritious foods build up your body's defenses! Shopping, preparing & cooking healthy food is extra challenging postpartum, so when you know you're not filling your nutrition tank, lean on your super-charged postnatal vitamin, New Mama! That's what it's there for!
  • Stay hydrated - Aim for 8+ cups daily - even more if you're breastfeeding. Good hydration  supports our detoxification pathways, which help clear out those foreign invaders. Our immune system also depends on many nutrients circulating in our bloodstreams, which is primarily made of water!

Drinking New Mama daily provides therapeutic doses of vitamins and minerals that play key roles in supporting immunity. It improves hydration, fills those nutritional gaps in your diet (if you're not the extremely rare new mom who actually eats three beautifully balanced meals and snacks daily), supports your body’s nutritional deficits from birth and motherhood, and provide calming effects, better sleep, and better moods with it’s powerful botanicals.

Add New Mama Postnatals  to your immune boosting tool box today!